motorola h700 bluetooth blackberry pairing

Finally figured out how to pair the Motorola H700 bluetooth headset to a blackberry.

Pair the devices as normal, hold down the connect button on headset until steady purple light comes on, then open the boom. Search for bluetooth devices on the blackberry. When asked for a pin, use 0000. Now the H700 will show up in the bluetooth device list, but it will not connect.

Put the headset in pairing mode again, this time go to the h700 listed on the blackberry and select connect. Now the devices will work as normal. When you open the boom on the h700, it will connect to the blackberry.



82 Responses to “motorola h700 bluetooth blackberry pairing”

  1. Jud Says:

    Thanks so much for this information. Works perfectly after a frustrating day with manuals…


  2. alan Says:

    I went through several h700 return/repurchases before I figured this out.

  3. Brian Says:

    Spent over a hour on the phone with Verizon help, Motorola was closed (after 5pm on a Friday) till Monday. Stumbled on your site, worked the first time. Genius! Thanks. Thanks for the internet, thanks for google, thanks for people taking the time to write solutions to common problems.

  4. kobetisch Says:


  5. Bill Says:

    Great article. My blackberry 8820 works nicely with my H700 now.
    I had almost given up. Thanks!

  6. Kavan Says:

    Well thanks for making it pair however now it still wont connect….:( i will continue to try though been at this for weeks now.

  7. Jamie Says:

    Holy shit. You are amazing. Thank you SO much. No kidding! Really!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Alexa Says:

    Thank you, I was about to throw my devices out the window!!!

  9. momo Says:

    thax, i’ve been trying to figure this thing out hours

  10. David Says:

    Thanks for the solution it worked!!

  11. Body Kits Says:

    Thanks for this! I spent about 30 minutes last night trying to pair these two. I was pushing every button on the bluetooth but the BlackBerry just didn’t pick it up. This article saved me alot of frustration.

  12. Alan Says:

    My problem is that when I open the boom the light turns purple, however only for a few seconds. So, when the blackberry searches for the device it doesn’t find one because the headset is no longer in pairing mode. I don’t believe that the problem is with the blackberry at all. If someone could tell me how to maintain the purple light long enough so that the blackberry can recognize it, I’d be fine. Thanks.

  13. Mr used to be Frustrated Says:

    You’re the man! You’re 40!

  14. LC Says:


  15. Angela Says:

    Thanks it finally paired with my blackberry 8130, you the shit

  16. Ranjan ... Says:

    Thanks Man….. It worked fine.

  17. anthony Says:

    You made it simple. its working! thanks

  18. Amongus Says:

    Thank you so much.
    Did I miss this somewhere in the H700 user guide?
    Then a big RTFM would be in order.

  19. Joe Says:

    After numerous attempts you made it easy. Muchas gracias

  20. Dan Says:

    This is amazig to find this information on the net. Thanks for the help and ending my frustratons.

  21. zack Says:

    Wow! I never imaging me getting help from internet. I have been the handy guy for my whole life and always try to figure things out on my own! But this time I almost gave up and I saw this article. IT WORKED!!!!!! THANKS

  22. grace Says:

    Thanks…I somehow got disconnected and had a hard time reconnecting…thanks for your advice…it worked after just the first part of the instructions. =) Yay!

  23. appleyard5 Says:

    Thanks for making my day that much easier! You rock!

  24. Joe Says:

    super easy…thanks for the help!

  25. Meg Says:

    I love you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. sylvain Says:

    You Da Man!! Thanks

  27. deenz Says:

    thank you, thank you
    goodness, i actually went around my whole house turning off the cellphones trying to get the blue light to turn purple. well, even a technologically challenged person like me was able to follow these awesome directions. thanks dude! ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Hart Says:

    Thank you soooo much… Even AT&T wireless could not help. You should be paid for this info. Thank you

  29. Caleb Says:

    Right on, this worked perfectly. Great job, ive been looking online for the stupid motorola manual… anyways, thanks a bunch, now i won’t get in an accident over my cell phone. Except when im texting. j/k

  30. Janf1055 Says:

    Thanks so much, I had been trying for sometime to get it connected. Your instructions worked perfectly.

  31. Jerseyvet Says:

    Perfect. Couldn’t have been easier and no hassles. Thank you.

  32. Jesus Says:

    Thanks for the savy response. I figured it out on the first try after reading your instructions. I had spent over and hour trying to figure it out. I was upset since I thought I was ripped off for buying bluetooth through ebay.

  33. Tom Says:

    You are a genius! Whoever you are, thank you. The Bluetooth and Blackberry gods have a place for you somewhere!

  34. Craig Says:

    Perfect! Just what I needed after many, many searches!


  35. Tom O Says:

    Thank you I cannot tell how helpful you haqve been. Now my BlackBerry Storm works eith my Motorola HS850

  36. Shirley Says:

    Perfect. Once I read your instructions, it was all gravy. Paired right away. Thanks!

  37. Gina Says:

    Followed all the steps, finally getting to the “enter pass code” point, but the H700 never remains in the list to to select. I’m about to give up.

  38. jack Says:

    thank you, your a god.

  39. Greg Says:

    Great answer. Thanks!! I have the Curve 8330.

    I stumbled on a few simple problems doing this, but got it to work:

    When you hold the talk button to pair, open the boom as soon as you see the purple color.. Don’t wait. I noticed when i took a couple seconds to open the boom, it went to blinking ‘blue’ in talk mode..

    Second.. Leave the boom opened so it remains in the list. Click on the H700 in the list right away and type in ‘0000’ for the password.. Again, the more time you take the more chance it will leave the connection. Once you have paired successfully, close your mic boom on the H700.

    Third.. As soon as you are back to your regular blackberry screen, simply open the boom again and it will ask to accept the connection. I checked the ‘do not ask me this question again’ box and then hit ‘Accept..’

    Works perfect now.

    Hope this helps.

  40. Sarabjit Says:

    Thanks a lot Greg for the heads up on how to keep the purple light solid by immediately opening the boom.

    Great post, very useful. Thanks!

  41. carlos gc Says:

    Everything great, you just forgot to say something basic!! when the purple light turns on you have to open the microphone to be seen by the bold!!

  42. REALGEE1 Says:

    This worked perfect with my bb 8310 curve. Good Job!

  43. curtis Says:

    i have paired my headset (h700) with my 8130 and it connects but the connec is always terminated and re-established constantly any help or advice?

  44. Chris Says:

    Thank you. It works! I had to delete the original connection to my phone, but when I re-linked them it set up fine. I appreciate your help.

  45. Tony Says:

    Great article, instructions were precise and very clear. It worked the first time around on my Blackberry 8820 with H700. Thanks very much!

  46. Shane Says:

    thank God for you…

  47. Jenn Royster Says:

    You are the bluetooth guru of the universe. Thank you so much. I was feeling the same as everyone else.

  48. Arielle Says:

    Thanks for your solution, worked like a CHARM!!!

  49. Ash Says:

    Very nice.., very simple instructions, worked well the first time.


  50. Vishal Says:

    Thank you so much for this useful information. It was really frustrating. I have been trying to connect my blackberry pearl with H700. Thanks again

  51. Jason Says:

    Great post and saved me a ton of trouble! Thanks a ton!

  52. Dipu Says:

    Hi there,
    Could anyone please tell me how to listen to the music from blackberry 8820 through motorola h700 headset. I was successful in pairing it and i can make and receive phone calls. Only problem is listening to the music. Thanks

  53. Chilko Says:

    Thanks to both khaoohs and Greg. This is now working for me.

  54. mike Says:

    thank you. paired with my bb tour nicely.

  55. ryan Says:

    Thanks a lot. Quick and easy.

  56. Kate Says:

    Thank you….thank you…..i could not remember how to syncronize the H700 for the life of me but it is my favourite ear piece and now that it is required by law to drive hands free ….i really needed to pair it with my new blackberry!!! YEAH!!!


  57. JB Says:

    I actually cheched here first before messing with it for hours. Amazing!

  58. Leah Says:

    Thank you so much!

  59. JJ Says:

    This was a perfect fix for the storm! Thanks so much. Took less than 5 min instead of messing with it all day!

  60. CT Says:

    This helped me out tremendously..I was using the earbuds that came with the phone..Thanks so much!

  61. Ronnie Says:

    This save me money, after questioning Google it connected me to the website. I was ready to go out and buy a special bluetooth for my blackberry. Thanks

  62. knowgooder Says:

    thanks for the advice! worked like a charm after hours of trying to “pair” my bb with the H700!

  63. signguy Says:

    I still can’t get it to work. I get past the first part but the second part doesn’t work. Where do I find it listed?

  64. Jee Jee Says:

    Thank you Dr. Evil!!!

  65. Jee Jee Says:

    After I entered 0000 phone recognized, showed my device name immediately and connected! Didn’t have to view a list. Very Easy!! I called myself from my land line and TahDah!!! Connected!!

  66. ycp9356 Says:

    Thank you! Deleted H700 off my old phone, let the bluetooth searchy for my device, entered 000 and phone was recognized and worked like a charm! Connected!!!!!

  67. Bobby C Says:

    Sweet, my man. I just got my Blackberry and before trying bluetooth just came across this. Voila, done in seconds. Like others here it took me hours of support to get the h700 to match with my razr V3I. Thanks alot. Bostonbaab…

  68. Matthew Says:

    You are a true life saver , i havent been using bluetooth lately but was going thru my old stuff and came across this motrola h700 in my luggage , so i thought ill use it , i tried almost for a month now , went to the official motorola website,read the manuels but could still not connect . so i searched in google and boy it worked the first time i tries your suggestion, thanks for making my life easier and god bless you for all your help .
    thanks ,
    matt and sally

  69. Sagorika Says:

    Greg Thanks a lot.. I had problem finding the motorola.. I did as you suggested.. open the boom as soon as I see the purple.. It worked great……Thanks a lot…

  70. SuthernGurl Says:

    Thanks!! I also have been trying for months!! Thank you for sharing.

  71. Detox Health Diet ยท Says:

    bluetooth headsets are great because they are wireless and your movement is not limited by wires .:.

  72. Brenda Says:

    Thank you so much! Great, easy instructions.

  73. divay Says:


  74. Folding Table Says:

    .,. I am very thankful to this topic because it really gives useful information *’~

  75. blackberry Says:

    Thanks so much for this information.

  76. Karla Says:

    thx a bunch!

  77. Cruiser Says:

    Great Dude!! thanks for the note …i connected my BB Storm 9530 with Motorola HS801.
    Great …took just 2 min.Bingo…..Thanks Again

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  79. alex omar Says:

    enparejarlos es pan comido pero no se puede escuchar musica como se hac
    e si alguien sabe xfa??

  80. Irene Says:

    Very nice post. I definitely appreciate this site.
    Stick with it!

  81. Connie Says:

    You ROCK, thank you sooooo much! It works now. Thanks for helping me to be safe!!!!

  82. tim mua noi that nail Says:

    Hi there, constantly i used to check weblog posts here early in the daylight, because i love to learn more and more.

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