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Remove new tab from tab bar in firefox 3.5


Removing “Open new tab button” in firefox 3.5 • mozillaZine Forums

Is there to remove the new open new tab button that is to the right of tabs?

I put this in my userChrome.css file:

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/* Tab bar: hide new tab button */
tabbrowser .tabs-newtab-button { display: none !important }

Cah wrote:I’d also like to remove the tab list thing on the right side but I can’t figure out how to do it.

I didn’t have that one displayed when Firefox 3.5 first started up, so I assume it was hidden by this userChrome.css code:

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/* Tab bar: hide all tabs drop-down list */
.tabbrowser-strip *[class^=”tabs-alltabs”] { display: none !important }




Duplicity backup of linux machines.

Recipe web pages


A Good Appetite Recipe Wiki / FrontPage

x264 codec settings


Mac OSX Leopard under KVM/Linux


lexmark e250dn reset ip address


To reset the IP address back to dhcp on a lexmark e250dn network printer.

1) Turn power switch (back of the printer) to OFF
2) Open front panel
3) While holding down the front panel Continue and Cancel buttons, power on the printer.
4) Keep holding the two buttons down until the error light (leftmost led) becomes solid. 
5) Release buttons and close front panel.

Nomachine nx session resume


To resume nx sessions across multiple PCs, use a custom resolution when creating the session and have all the PCs set to the same color depth.

fruda » TLD / Meaning / Registrar / Price


List of top level domains, their country, and their registration price. 

Link to fruda » TLD / Meaning / Registrar / Price

This post written use Windows Live Writer


Some MS blog posting software. Let’s see what this looks like when i’m done.

search all man pages for a given command


apropos command

The apropos command searches a set of database files containing short descriptions of system commands for keywords and displays the result on the standard output.
apropos oneword
apropos “string or phrase”

Search command / functions related to compare operation:
$ apropos compare

Search command to remove a file:
$ apropos “remove file”

rm (1) – remove files or directorie
man -K

-K option use to search for the specified string in all man pages.
man -K oneword
man -K “string or phrase”

Search all man pages for fopen word:
$ man -K “fopen”

/usr/share/man/en/man3/fclose.3.gz? [ynq]

Type y to open/display man page, n to continue search, q to Quit search.

This is probably very slow! It helps to specify a section (1-7).
$ man 3 -K “open”

Above commands also works with UNIX and *BSD oses.

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