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The Molten Giant

This mob spawns in pairs. They are unique among the mob types in that they have a longer spawn time then the rest of the mobs at 2 hours. The giants are very tough beasts with high HP, spawning is halted by the death of Golemagg.

Has a single target knockback that he likes to use on tanks. This attack seems to lower the agro of the tank also. He will attack for 600-800 on tanks. He also has a stomp attack which will hit many targets.

The strategy is fairly straight forward, both MT and OT take one giant each. MT tanks the first giant and calls for assist, once dead we switch to the other.

The Molten Destroyer

Looks just like a Molten Giant but bigger

The Molten Destroyer is the toughest of the normal mobs you will fight in the Molten Core, though not the deadliest. They are typically lvl 63 which makes an already tough mob tougher. They take quite a while to take down. As you head deeper into the zone, Molten Giants will be more often replaced by Molten Destroyers. They share many of the same traits as a Molten Giant.

He has a single target attack and attacks quickly. He also has a stomp which is an AE knockdown and stun. This makes getting initial agro fairly difficult and causes a lot of damage to rogues and other people in range.

As you get further into the zone you will come across Molten Giant and Molten Destroyer pairs. Same tactics as on the giants just keep them away from the rest of the raid and each other as the overlapping of the stomp can make it impossible to move or attack, meaning he gets bored and then runs over to the squishies.

The Fire Lord

The Fire Lord is one of the more tricky mobs in the dungeon. A poorly handled Lord can quickly wipe an entire raid. As such, care must be taken when engaging this mob.

This mob has a variety of attacks. He attacks the tank with a rather weak attack and will hit most people for 500 fire elemental damage. However, he can debuff people such that each fire attack is increased by XXX amount. We have had people debuffed up to 1200 more damage on each attack. He will also cast a single target dot for 4000 damage. It does 250 fire damage every 2 seconds and also silences that person.

His last special ability is a raid wiper. He will periodically summon a Lava Spawn. This mob does ranged single target damage for about 600. If this mob is left up for too long he will split into two Lava Spawns. Then two will split into four and so on.

The key to these mobs is to simply kill the Lava Spawns as they are summoned. Our dispellers should be on their toes and make sure to dispell anyone that gets dotted as soon as possible. We recommend Blizzard during the fights since it does damage both to the spawns and the Lord at the same time, not to mention it is particularly devastating against the Lava Spawns and does double damage.

MT tanks the mob, calling for assist after a few seconds. Then everyone attacks using AOE if they can, once a lava spawn appears all melee should switch to that target whilst everyone AOEing remains on the Firelord. A double pull is tougher but the same principle, tank the firelords in the same place to make best use of the AOE

The Lava Annihilator

Just one of the most unremarkable zone trash that populate Molten Core. You will find him early and he likes to change his main target a lot. As such it has a very hard time to kill anyone since he usually won’t hit them long enough to actually do anything. This mob can be banished.

Simply a regular attack that does about 600-800 damage to tanks.

Warriors are FFA taunt on this mob. Though it isn’t uncommon for it to run over and hit one of the casters every now and then. Though if he does this he quickly loses interest and attacks someone else.

MT calls assist and everyone focuses fire on it, job done. In the case of this being pulled with another mob type i.e. firelord, the rocks should always be banished until the main threat is killed.

The Lava Surger

This is a fun mob at first, but quickly loses its appeal. It has one of the more interesting attacks in the zone. This mob will be seen zipping through the zone at high velocity. This mob respawns in 28 minutes and is one of the faster respawning mobs. This mob is banishable.

This mob has a basic single target attack that hits for about 600-800 on tanks. He will also choose a secondary target to periodically ‘surge’ to. Everyone near him at the time plus the person he charges will get hit with a ~800-1000 damage ability and get knocked back a few yards. The affect is much like bowling pins. Unfortunately, this ability makes this one of the more irritating fights.

We make sure to time these mobs if they are going to be anywhere near us when they respawn. However, they aren’t all that bad of an add since they can be banished by warlocks. We tried to put everyone right on top of him so that he wouldn’t surge, but this did not work and he just surged everyone at once. Since then we spread out some and just take him down.

The Ancient Core Hound

Ancient Core Hounds are ponderous beasts that roam throughout Molten Core. They are one of the more frustrating elements of Molten Core at first. They come in multiple types and are one of the most fearful adds. They have very fast respawn timers at 18 minutes and the largest of all agro ranges in Molten Core. However, they soon become a non-issue once you kill Magmadar as they stop spawning and any existing dogs will despawn after 2 hours.

Attacks come in several flavours. You never know what type of Ancient Core Hound you will get until you fight him. They have a frontal bite attack that will attack most people in the front 180 degrees. It is a good idea to keep these beasts facing away from the raid. Every Ancient Core Hound also has a long range fire AE that does about 800 damage.

They can also have one of the following AEs:

Short duration stun
200 fire resist debuff
50% spell and melee slow
Short duration confuse
30% less health
50% less int/spirit

Basic strategy is to simply have one tank at the front of the beast and everyone else behind. About the only AE worth dispelling is the 200FR debuff as that can greatly increase the damage taken from his fire AE.

When we get an Ancient Core Hound add, we move quickly to reach it before it gets to the main group. You do not want a Core Hound in the main group casting an AE stun or confusion when already engaged with another mob. Two healers is sufficient to keep a tank up on one of these.

MT runs in and turns the mob away from the group, calls assist then everyone kills it. Remember to loot the dog if you can as it cannot be skinned until after looting.

The Imps

The imps are very localized in Molten Core. They are only found in the caves leading up to Magmadar. They come in large packs of seven or more, but are not much more difficult than regular instance elite. Their respawn rate is extremely fast at 7 minutes.

Hits most tanks for under 200, but have small AE fire attacks that can stack up quite quickly.

Plate wearers pile into the group and pick a target to try and keep occupied, everyone else either targets one mob or AOE’s the lot if they can. Not a difficult fight, only casualty is usually the frame rate.

The Core Hound Packs

The packs are only found inside Magmadar’s cavern. There are approximately five packs in Molten Core. They are much different than their older brethren, the Ancient Core Hounds. Each hound in a pack must be defeated within ten seconds of each other or their corpse will be reignited by the living hounds and they will come back to life. They respawn in 60 minutes.

Hits most tanks for about 300-400. They also have a special frontal attack. It puts a dot on the target that does 50 damage every second for 30 seconds. However, this can stack. We have had people taking over 400 damage every second from the dot. Typically the dot only gets up to 150-200 damage a second though. Shield block is a must for any warrior in this fight as it will help to avoid the DOT’s.

We assign warriors a dog numbered from one to five, then pull and have the warriors all bunch them up. Then they try to turn so that the dog’s head is facing outwards. This way, as few tanks as possible will likely be hit by the melee dot.

At this point we call in the AE attacks. This will help get all the dogs dead at the same time. Any person that does single target damage should also constantly looking for the dog with the highest HP to target. This is very important. If a single hound dies too soon then it will be reignited by the living hounds and in turn will reignite the others when they die. If this happens then tanks keep their targets and we do it all over again.

It is advised that everyone except the tanks stay at range as the DOT can be particulary deadly to other classes. It is also wise to keep on eye on healing after the fight, just because the mobs are dead doesn’t mean the DOT has gone as well, nothing more embarrasing then dropping dead 15 seconds after a fight..

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